Double Facer, Heating Plate & Cooling Finalizing System

SM-S Double Facer (Heating Plate & Cooling Finalizing System)

1) SM-S Double Facer heating plate is surface grinded and chrome-plated.

2) Dense weight rollers be used in heating section, 3-stage adjustable pressure for weight rollers are controlled by pneumatic system according to thickness of paperboard.(optional)

3) Tension control for upper cotton belt by pneumatic cylinder .Automatic or manual correcting device are optional.

4) Drive section adopt gear box, driven by electromagnetic speed control motor or frequency conversion motor.

5) Driver rollers be covered endure abrasion rubber, and cutting "V" form teeth, with drum and put out paperboard stable.

Max Effective Width


Heating Plate


Cooling and Shaping


Design Speed










3/5/7-layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

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